Sunday, February 23, 2014

Recipe : Blueberry Smoothie

Hi peeps,

For the past couple of months, I have been trying to monitor my diet or should I say, being particular of what I put into my stomach. I am opposed of the notion that diet means not eating. The reason is because everybody has different metabolism and they should take food based on what their body needs. Denying foods that your body needs, for me equals to being injustice to yourself. A balance diet is the way to go.

I was tempted to include this whole juice/smoothies thingy into my food intake because of a youtuber (who doesn't watch youtube these days right?) that recommends this diet if you don't like to eat fruit/vegetables. This does not mean that I don't eat my fruit/vegies, it's just that I would like to eat more than I have been (well in this case - drink).

So in this post, I would like to share the recipe of a Blueberry Smoothies. I guess most of you guys had already known the recipe but I would love to share it anyways. :)

Ingredients I used:



It is simple and easy right? The amount of ingredients needed are basically depends on you. If you want to add more fruits, go ahead. I added some vanilla yoghurt to give it more creamy texture. So don't be afraid to experiment with your smoothies guys. Enjoy! :)

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P.S: Below is a glass of my blueberry smoothies if you guys are curious :P



  1. mane ko beli yang vanilla tu? huhu.. aku nak wat gak smoothies ni tapi kang ade2 aku menyebok sebab dia tengok mcm iceblended je sebok nak minum gak. buat untuk sorang takpe la gak.. nak buat untuk ramai2.. abes la lari bajet.. hahaha

    1. Vanilla yogurt tu aku beli dekat Jaya Grocer laa hahaha. Yup2 unless ko kutip duit drp diorang and share beli ingredients haha